Direct Power RGB Rope/Strip

  • AC110-120V 5050 LED strip Light in 16.4ft, 32.8ft, 65.6ft, 98.4ft, 131.2ft, 164ft
  • Application: home, office, garden decoration.
  • Super Bright, Dimmable, Multi-Colors, Multi Modes Function, Waterproof, Cuttable, Durable and Low Power Consumption.
  • Easy to install, can use Indoor and Outdoor, plug and play without wiring. It can be cut in every 1.64ft/0.5m along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips.
  • Clear PVC tubing is Flexible, Transparent and Durable and it can be shaped, formed or bent in any angle to perfectly fit the space being decorated.
  • Eco-Friendly, No splash and UV, without mercury and no damage to human and environment.