Addressable RGB


Cuttable: Every three LEDs can be cut off, LED strip still working after it is cut. Cut it to the length you just need.

Adhesive: They(Only IP30, IP65) have double sides adhesive tapes on the back.There is no double side tape on IP67 , IP67 needs screws and clips to install. You can paste IP30/IP65 on the bookcase, TV, wine cabinet, ceiling, windowsill easily.

Colorful: Red, Green, Blue. Dream full color. curtain-up/ flow water/raindrop jump flash and so on hundreds of lighting effect, you can also edit animation effect by Coreldraw/Flash/LedEdit software.

Long life: Life span: more than 50000hrs

Waterproof level: Non-waterproof (IP30) Silicone coating waterproof (IP65) Silicone coating sheathing waterproof (IP67) Glue-Pouring Waterproof(IP68)